Was gerard butler dating sienna miller

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You will notice a lot of cinnamon sticks surrounding the resort because they’re an integral part of their sustainability initiatives.Whether you choose to leisurely catch up on your reading by the 21m pool, or opt for some adventure kayaking on the lake, there’s something to satisfying your wanderlust.Alternatively, just hail a tuk-tuk and go and explore some nearby temples and markets.At the end of your day, be sure to saunter over to their exclusive beach club and restaurant on Kabalana Beach. And if you’re still left unconvinced, you’ll just have to go see for yourself.

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grossed over million in North America and is expected to clear 0 million soon on strength of positive word of mouth. RDJ of course is the centrepiece but it also all hinges on his bromantic chemistry with Jude, the key relationship of the film.

a couple of weeks ago that he’d be spending the holiday on a beach with his children.

Obviously Sienna Miller was included in those plans. She arrived first last week, was papped with her mother, and knowing this, still he came with the kids… From nothing to everything, it’s how Jude and Sienna exist.

Furthermore Andrews squanders all the credit he gains from using the original text, rather than the more familiar Broadway version, by his crassly insensitive ending.

Whereas Williams leaves Maggie and Brick’s future relationship deliberately equivocal, Andrews turns them into an X-rated Babes in the Wood.

Both actors and author are, however, let down by Andrews’s self-indulgent direction.