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Wotan wants to know more and tries to question her, but she vanishes.

He decides to follow her advice and throws the ring on the hoard.

Wotan manages to hold them back with the help of the gods Donner and Froh, Freia’s brothers, who rush in to help. He cleverly suggests an alternative payment: the ring that Alberich has forged from the Rhinegold and all the other treasures he has accumulated. With the youth goddess gone, the gods suddenly begin to age.

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Alberich tries it on, turns invisible and torments Mime before going off to terrorize the other dwarfs whom he has enslaved to work for him.

The Rhinemaidens joyfully swim around it while Alberich, dazzled by the sight, asks them what it is.

The girls tell him about the Rhinegold, a treasure of immeasurable value, and explain that whoever wins it will gain power over the world, but to do so he must renounce love.

Wotan and Loge arrive, and Mime tells them about Alberich’s cruel dictatorship.

Reappearing, Alberich mocks the gods and threatens to conquer the world and enslave them.The four operas—The Rhinegold, The Valkyrie, Siegfried, and Twilight of the Gods—are complete worlds, conjuring up extraordinary mythological landscapes through sound as much as staging.

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