Presque rien come undone online dating

03-Oct-2017 07:47

Summer Holidays and beach are only a background, and this movie is directed to every young boy who may feel identified with those boys.

Maybe some of you didn't understand well this movie, because of its 3 parts, showed as flashbacks.

After an extremely erotic kiss, the boys begin a passionate romance, complete with skinny-dipping at night, nude dancing on the beach and intense lovemaking in the dunes; yet, as Mathieu grapples with his sexuality and copes with his sick mother, absent father and annoying kid sister, his bond with Cédric grows stronger until it bursts.

Maybe "Presque Rien" is not the best movie ever made... I still haven't seen a homo-themed movie better than this one.

These 3 moments are: - Summertime in Pornichet, when they meet and love.

- After a year and half living together in Nantes, Mathieu doesn't go to a psychiatric himself.

You Americans are accustomed to watch very narrative movies, with a clear beginning, development and outcome.

The purpose of this one is not show us a simple "summer loving movie", with commercial characters who "fall in love and live happy forever". His mother (Dominique Reymond) is deeply depressed because of the death of his baby brother from cancer, and is cared for by her sister, while Mathieu and his moody younger sister bicker together.Cedric (Stéphane Rideau) catches Mathieu’s eye while selling candy at the local seaside amusement park.Then he meets Cedric at the beach, who is attractive and obviously looking for a boyfriend.

The boys embark on a romance, and Mathieu's sudden secrecy and long hours away from home invite the curiosity of both his sister and aunt.It's possible that some people couldn't understand all this well, because all the scenes are mixed among them. Presque Rien, what want to show us, is how cruel can be the life, for a young boy who is not sure about his feelings and not sure about what to do in life. a movie who show us the cruel reality of a boy's life.