Ferrari 88 dating funtoosh 1956 online dating

03-Jul-2017 10:25

However this was my first experience in a Ferrari from the 90’s. Maybe it would work to contact a dealership and ask them if it would be possible to do a story of one, or go there as an interested buyer.You would probably get many no answers, but I think eventually you could find someone who would let you test one.I would not do that if I did not think it is a very special experience to be seated in a new supercar, with all the latest technologies.They are faster, more safe, and often also more comfortable for daily use.The grip on wet surface exceeded my expectations, and I found myself pushing it harder and harder through those corners.Simultaneously the air conditioning was defogging the wind screen at maximum speed, so I could see the road in front.Because last week’s Friday I picked up a black Ferrari F355 Berlinetta.

And while you can tell from the handling feel it is an older car with its imperfections, the joy in these cars come from the level of involvement they require. That feeling is easily lost in modern cars if it feels like a train on rails.And the fact you can still get good ones for under 100K euros (but maybe not for long! A little gutted that the car seemed to have such a bad reputation, I picked up the car with “wonder if it will work all weekend” thoughts running through my head. It was also my responsibility to get it in one piece to a Concours d’Elegance event, about 450 km round trip.