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After Simmons saved Randolph with the help of Coulson, Fitz comforted her when she was disappointed in herself for not being brave enough. Fitz shared a warm moment with Coulson, a sign of appreciation for rescuing him. Simmons administered a drug to keep the boy alive, and Ward located a machine that was the source of the ice.

While Simmons realized she couldn't help save his Asgardian life, Fitz supported her by reminding Coulson that she didn't understand Randolph's anatomy. They managed to get Coulson out, and they all reached the Bus; not unscathed, but alive. Fitz and Simmons rushed to the cadet, with Grant Ward and Skye alongside them.

He was shocked by the revelation that Ward had been a member of HYDRA all along, and refused to believe it. Just then, Ward found the two as Centipede Project prepared to leave for New Mexico.

A genius engineer, he is one of the youngest and most prominent members of S. During the HYDRA Uprising, Fitz was an active participant in hunting for John Garrett and the rest of the Centipede Project. As they were about to, Fitz and Simmons decided to plant a tracking device on the Bus.

Although Simmons returned, Fitz was devastated to learn she had met and bonded with the astronaut Will Daniels. Also, Phil Coulson ordered the research must stay in house. Looking for a skillet to help Simmons make pancakes, Fitz found a message left by Skye, "Ward is HYDRA," just as Simmons found Agent Eric Koenig's body.

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Fitz was forced out of his niche and into field work when the team got separated during a mission in Italy where they were chasing a Cybertek Prosthetic Leg bought by Ian Quinn. Phil Coulson refused to accept this diagnosis and gave him and Jemma Simmons Level 10 access to files on his resurrection. Fitz went with Phil Coulson, Triplett and Simmons to Portland to apprehend Blackout. D.'s Sci-Tech division, and inseparable from his research partner and friend (and later fiancée), Jemma Simmons. However, the dark Inhuman, Hive, managed to return to Earth. He even suggested the possibility that Ward was like Deathlok and was forced to do what he did, but his teammates dismissed the idea. However, soon after the war was over, Simmons was swallowed by the Monolith and disappeared. Fitz destroyed Daniels' body and returned home, believing the Inhuman was dead. During this time, he refused to believe that Ward was evil, claiming that he did not think that people were born evil. He suggested to him a solution and Gill immediately realized his problem was solved.

While on the job, the two reminisced on being victims of freshman pranks back at the S. Fitz admired Gill's inventions and designs and he shared stories of himself at the academy and how he did not like it there at first either. Eventually, Fitz took note of a power problem Gill was having.

Among his missteps were the vastly overpaying the locals for safe transit across the border and bringing a sandwich (prosciutto and buffalo mozzarella with a hint of pesto aioli) into the field while being tracked by dogs. Once the team had returned to the Bus, Fitz witnessed Victoria Hand kick Skye off the plane.