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12-Sep-2017 20:51

And scary pawprints were recently found in an Aldwickbury golf bunker, preserved after a night of torrential rain.

Just days ago a shocked driver spotted an animal dart out in front of her car near Redbourn.

The amazed motorist immediately pulled over and got out his mobile phone.Ferocious scratch marks were found on a tree after a 'huge animal' was seen near Welwyn Garden City.And a burly 'muscled' cat bounded in front of a car across a road near Redbourn.Pumas will kill everything from rabbits and birds to sheep, deer, goats and other livestock.

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The magnificent creatures are highly adaptive and are able to survive and thrive in many different environments – making it highly likely that they are flourishing in the English countryside.'Early exposure' to these allergens could help prevent the ailment developing.

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